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CODO /Suzuyo总部办公室:非传统的现代化办公场所_威尼斯欢乐娱人城官网

CODO /Suzuyo总部办公室:非传统的现代化办公场所_威尼斯欢乐娱人城官网

本文摘要:CODO /Suzuyo Head Office / Shuhei Goto Architects由专筑网小R编译来自修建事务所的形貌:该项目的设计理念是今世的办公原型,因此需要灵活的空间来满足使用者的变化需求。因此修建师将内部的现有大厅革新为可以容纳多种功效的空间,例如事情、集会、就餐、运动等等,其理念是组成能够让人们自由运动、举行各项事务的灵活场所,使用现有的空间,将方盒子以差别的偏向和高度围绕空间的边缘举行堆叠,从而在空间中心留出宽敞的自由区域。


CODO /Suzuyo Head Office / Shuhei Goto Architects由专筑网小R编译来自修建事务所的形貌:该项目的设计理念是今世的办公原型,因此需要灵活的空间来满足使用者的变化需求。因此修建师将内部的现有大厅革新为可以容纳多种功效的空间,例如事情、集会、就餐、运动等等,其理念是组成能够让人们自由运动、举行各项事务的灵活场所,使用现有的空间,将方盒子以差别的偏向和高度围绕空间的边缘举行堆叠,从而在空间中心留出宽敞的自由区域。Text description provided by the architects. This office was designed as a prototype for offices in a new era of innovation based on the idea that today's office space needs some room for flexible renewal and updates initiated by employees themselves. We decided to transform the existing lecture hall that had been originally used for in-house events into a space capable of accommodating multiple activities including working, meeting, dining, holding events and more. Our idea was to create a space allowing people to circulate freely and meeting various purposes by utilizing the existing space in all directions and stacking box-like steps in a staggered manner along the periphery of the room, while leaving a wide open space in the center.修建师使用了空间的各个朝向,因而组成了全新的“距离感受”,这显着有别于传统的办公场所,举例来说,员工们的视线在差别的高度,这样制止了相互之间的滋扰,同时这也以一种差别的方式促进了员工之间的联系,那么也通过这种计谋组成了林林总总的场所,例如具有宁静感的关闭区域,以及开敞的交流区域,员工们可以根据自己的需求任意选择。

诸如地板、长椅、桌子等平面都成为了差别高度的元素,满足多种功效,例如,在举行运动的时候,其中某个平台就组成了舞台区,而其他平台就是座椅区。By fully utilizing the space in all directions, a new "sense of distance" among those present are generated, which is totally different the sense of distance in conventional office spaces: for example, those working side by side don't feel disturbed by each other's presence because their eye levels do not coincide; or conversely those sitting apart from each other feel interconnected because their eyes meet. As a result of such manipulations, various places, including an enclosed place evoking a sense of security and an open place offering a view of the entire space, are created, and one can choose a place that meets his/her purpose in the most suitable way. The steps, which may be viewed as different elements such as the floor, bench, or desk depending on the viewpoint, serve multiple functions. When holding an event, one of the steps serves as the stage while the others become seating areas.差别高度的多重功效空间以空心矩形的形态相互联系在一起,这座修建靠近海岸,也成为了周边地域的暂时遁迹所,那么这些差别高度的矩形空间也兼具了应急物资的存储功效,因为其尺度对于修建来说相对较小,对于家具来说相对较大,因此是介于修建与家具之间的用途,另外其特殊的尺度感也让它们拥有了多样的形态和外观,提升了空间的用途和办公室自身的全新阐释,这不仅仅是个传统的办公场所。Multiple functions of the steps are continuously connected in the shape of a hollow rectangle. In addition, this building, located near the sea, serves as an emergency evacuation shelter for the surrounding areas where few tall buildings exist, and these steps are conveniently used as storage for emergency supplies. The stacked steps, too large for furniture and too small for architecture, are something between furniture and architecture. Due to the unique sense of scale, they take on multiple functions and appearances, while facilitating flexible updates of functions and redefinition of the office space itself, instead of merely serving conventional office functions. 修建设计:Shuhei Goto Architects所在:日本 静冈类型:办公室内面积:913.0 m2时间:2019年摄影:Kenta Hasegawa制造商:Vectorworks, DuPont, Forbo Flooring Systems, VORWERK, Fenix Interiors, Hidakuma主建立筑师:Shuhei Goto设计团队:Shuhei Goto Architects项目治理/创意总监:Loftwork Layout Unit修建家具设计:Shuhei Goto Architects结构设计:Tetsuro Adachi/OAK plusWood Coordination, Furniture Production,Furniture Production Direction: Hidakuma Inc帘幕设计:Studio Akane Moriyama标志设计:HokkyokOFFICES INTERIORSSHIZUOKA, JAPANArchitects: Shuhei Goto ArchitectsArea: 913.0 m2Year: 2019Photographs: Kenta HasegawaManufacturers: Vectorworks, DuPont, Forbo Flooring Systems, VORWERK, Fenix Interiors, HidakumaArchitect In Charge: Shuhei GotoDesign Team: Shuhei Goto ArchitectsProject Management, Creative Direction: Loftwork Layout UnitArchitectural Design, Furniture Design: Shuhei Goto ArchitectsStructural Design: Tetsuro Adachi/OAK plusWood Coordination, Furniture Production,Furniture Production Direction: Hidakuma IncCurtain Design: Studio Akane MoriyamaSign Design: Hokkyok 【专筑网版权与免责声明】:本网站注明“泉源:专筑网”的所有内容版权属专筑网所有,如需转载,请注明出处。




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